This is the question all the students ask often in every school, every country and age the most. We all know that just practice is not enough. What counts more is HOW we practice.  In the next articles I will provide you tips about time planning, practice structure and also practice strategies to make your work efficient. Now, some points generally…

Time structure. 

This is where our day and our effectiveness begins. Certain amount of structure provides us safe space and framework, in which our minds can work, concentrate better ad create. Being without structure does not mean to be free, but the more – chaotic. Sometimes, a day without structure makes us perfect feeling of independence and creativity, especially after many of structured days and much hard working… If we loose ourselves in chaos on a long term basis, than our minds have no chance to work effectively and also get in stress, because there is not much work well done behind us during such days… In chaos, you can start feeling lost or depressed too. 

If you make a structure, your mind can concentrate better, you can achieve your goals easier and you avoid extra amount of stress. Having a structure does not mean to follow it passively and blind! It is more about creating the framework in which you can move, support yourself and feel safe. 

Setting the structure of the day and practice does not also mean to overwhelm yourself by a lot of work! We plan also our free time and functional compensation of our hard work to recover better for the next day! 

How to start planning? Get some inspiration in the next article!

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