The goal of this method is long term-functioning playing, that enables to keep players psychosomatic well being.

  • keeps psychosomatics well being – includes compensation and psychohygiene and respects needs of the player. Includes ongoing reflection of players state in lessons and practice time as indivisible part of learning process.
  • works on a long term basis – the way of learning and playing enables long study and playing career, eliminates risk of tendinitis, high stress level and burnout.
  • includes generally functioning strategies – the way the player plays must be primary to what he plays. The sustainable way of playing, without over tension and high stress is primary to learning too difficult material for too short time or in not suitable time. released aware playing must be our priority. 
  • supports personal growth of the player– learning process is not in contradiction with the player on a long term basis. We consider the influence of the learning process and playing style to our life.