• student or teacher seminars available
  • suitable for music schools
  • all instruments may attend
  • both short and long term version of training available 
  • theory and self-experience through techniques included
  • materials included
  • online version available

In seminars, participants get deeper insight in psychosomatic aspects of instrumental playing and get an opportunity to train various techniques to improve their playing, learning and teaching routines, simply applicable in their practice. Participants apply new long term functional strategies that enable them reach the highest possible level of playing skills while keeping their psychosomatic health.

issues we mainly deal with:

  • self-experiencing of healthy body motion mechanics and anatomy knowledge
  • release and work with motional energy
  • integration of release and healthy body motion mechanics into playing
  • stress elimination techniques and work with stage fright
  • effective practice and planning skills
  • creativity
  • psychohygiene, compensation, prevention of tendinitis, burnout
  1. Single seminars and lectures
  • suitable as a first step into the psychosomatics or particular issue from those mentioned above
  • from 90 minutes to 3 hours

2. Seminar cycles

  • minimum 18 hours
  • optimum 80 – 120 hours
  • for reaching in-depth experience, knowledge and change

SEMINAR CYCLES ARE SPECIALLY ARRANGED UPON REQUEST, NEEDS AND WISHES OF EACH SCHOOL OR GROUP. To organize particular seminar for you, please, contact me for arrangement.