This period of time is not very promising for studies… It is very difficult to keep focus on instrument, motivation to work, discipline and effectiveness. How to keep our minds working despite times of Corona and improve? 

This will be the issue of following Blog! In the next days and weeks, I will share couple of techniques and tips with you, how to make your self-study more efficient, your mind more concentrated, your body more relaxed and how to prevent stress and anxiety. 

Do not take this time as something that ruins your progress! Take it opposite way and think: What can I learn from this situation for my further studies? How can I profit from it? You have a choice between letting yourself be weakened or strengthened by this time! What will you choose?…

I believe one strong competence can come out – your iniciative to take full responsibility for your own studies and daily structure and be fully aware of what do you deal with and why. 

This blog shall help you find your way to effectiveness and self-leadership. Do not think that you have to accept and follow everything from the articles blind! Do think and choose, what fits in your style, needs and goals! The articles are just an inspiration for you, which you can accept or reject independently. Even this is an aspect of your responsibility and independence!

Below the articles, there is a contact form through which you can contact me, if you need to ask anything to the topics. Articles are allowed to be shared via this official website link only!

So let’s start!

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